Garnomeras little cardigan!

This is not a pattern, this is just how I knit my little cardigan. I hope you like it.

Yarn, Debbie Bliss Cotton dk, 324 gr.
Cirkular neddle nr 5.
Size L, or eu 42. It is knitted from the top, so you can easily try it on and adjust the size during knitting.

m1 = increase 1 by doing yarn over, and knit in backloop on next round.

Every round start and end with ribbed knitting.
From rs, 7 st i the beginning and 6 st in the end.
From wr, 6 st in the beginning and 7 st in the end.

Cast on 121 st.

R1. 6 st rib, purl to end except for the 7 st of rib.
R2. 7 st rib, m1, *k4, m1* 6rib.
R3. Rib, k1, *p4, k1* rib.
R4. Rib, p1, *k4, p1* rib.

Repeat R 3 and 4.

R10. Rib, p1, m1, *k4, p1, m1* rib.
R11. Rib, k2, *p4, k2* rib.
R12. Rib, p2, *k4, p2* rib.

Repeat R 11 and 12.

R18. Rib, m1, p2, *k4, m1, p2* rib.
R19. Rib, k3, *p4, k3* rib.
R20. Rib, p3, *k4, p3* rib.

Repeat R 19 and 20.

R26. Rib, p3, m1, *k4, p3, ,1* rib.
R27. Rib, k2, *p4, k4* rib.
R28. Rib, p4, *k4, p4* rib.

Repeat R 27 and 28.

R34. Rib, m1, p4, *k4, m1, p4* rib.
R35. Rib, k5, *p4, k5* rib
R36. Rib, p5, *k4, p5* rib.

Repeat R 35 and 36

R40. Time to BO for armhole: Knit and purl like earlier: Rib, 41 st, BO loosely 45 st, knit and purl 76 st, BO 45 st, knit and purl 41 st, rib.
R41. Keep on knitting like earlier and CO 9 st under each armhole.

R42. Rib, p5, *k4, p5* rib
R43. Rib, k5, *p4, k5* rib.

Repeat R 42 and 43 until you reach the length you prefer.
Make an elastic BO.

Crochet with slip stitches along the neckline to tighten it up and finish with some chain st to make the buttonhole.
Sew button and weave in the loose ends and block.



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