Pyttipanna in english!


Pyttipanna is the namn of my shawl.

You can use any yarn, so grab your favorite and use needles that are 2 sizes larger than what the yarn recommends!

Start with the lace edge and make it at least two meters long. Use short straitght needles or two dpn.

My abbreviation:

sl1pw = slip 1 purlwise with the yarn in front.

2yo2togtw = yo,yo, 2tog, yo, yo, 2tog

ktbl = knit through back loop

CO 10 st. Knit first rnd.

1. k9, S1pw.

2. RS. kbtl , k2, yo, 2tog, 2yo2togtw, sl1pw. ( 12 stitches on the needle)

3. WS. kbtl, k2, p1, , k2, p1, k2 yo, 2tog, sl1pw. (12 st)

4. RS. kbtl, k2, yo, 2tog, k2, 2yo2togtw, sl1pw. (14 st)

5. WS. kbtl, k2, p1, , k2, p1, k4, yo, 2tog, sl1pw. (14 st)

6. RS. kbtl, k2, yo, 2tog, k4, 2yo2togtw, sl1pw. (16 st)

7. WS. kbtl, k2, p1, , k2, p1, k6, yo, 2tog, sl1pw. (16 st)

8. RS. kbtl, k2, yo, 2tog, k6, 2yo2togtw, sl1pw. (18 s)

9. WS. kbtl, k2, p1, , k2, p1, k8, yo, 2tog, sl1pw. (18 st)

10. RS. kbtl, k2, yo, 2tog, k8, Y2yo2togtw, sl1pw. (20 st)

11. WS. kbtl, k2, p1, , k2, p1, k10, yo, 2tog, sl1pw. (20 st)

12. RS. kbtl, k2, yo, 2tog, k15. (20 st)

13. WS. P2tog, BO 9 pw, k6, yo , k2tog, sl1pw (10 st)

First scallop ready.

Repeat rnd 2 – 13 as long as you like. But to get a shawl that can go twice around your neck, you have to make it at least two meters long.

When you think it’s ready, BO (bind off) all stitches on rnd 13. Do not break the yarn, keep the last loop on the needle.


Time to pick up stitches along the side.

Switch to a circular needle.

From the wrong side, pick up one new st in every loop as you can see in the pictures.




Now you have to count all stitches and place a marker in the middle.

Knit to the middle and 10 more stitches, turn.

Do the same thing again, knit to the middle and 10 more stitches, turn.

Knit to the stitch just before the first turn, Knit the two following stitches together (ssk), knit 2, turn.

( You can see that the gap disappear when you take the stitch before and after and knit them together).

* Knit to the stitch just before the gap, knit the two following stitches together (ssk), knit 2, turn*

From here on simply repeat from * to * until there are no stitches left.
Now, BO, elastic or an I-cord bind of.


If you are lucky, there will be only two threads to weave in.

Now it’s time to block, do it brutally 😀



and after:



I’m looking forward to hear from you, telling me about your Pyttipanna, and I’m glad if you link to my blog 😀

Please, do not publish the pattern.

Soon there will also be a chart, but you will have to wait for a while!

Source of inspiration: You can say that The Pyttipanna is built up in two parts. Primary: The Oak Leaf Lace, the old and well known lace, I’ve made some changes in the number of holes and the BO. And second: The scarf section is about the same as Annis, with some minor changes only.

Between the edge and the scarf section there is a small but important detail, a wonderful decorative chain, I learned that one when I knitted the Gratitude. If you don’t know the Gratitude, check it out here!

Finally, why is it named Pyttipanna?

Pyttipanna is a classic Swedish meal made from leftover potatoes with whatever meats are available – generally ham of some sort, though. It can be made either with cold potatoes that have been previously boiled from an earlier meal, or fresh potatoes, as long as they are diced. It is common to eat it with fried eggs and pickled red beets. It is as versatile as this shawl is when it comes to ingredients, with the base being potatoes and a leftover meats, and the shawl’s base being whatever yarn you love, and your imagination for colors being your only limit!


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  1. Soon I have too knit another Pytt 😀

  2. Eva

    äntligen! har frågat på online stickcafé på FB varför sjalen heter pyttipanna, men ingen har svarat. Jag bor i Danmark och har gjort i många år, så jag har inte hängt med på alla svenska sticktermer. Nu förstår jag.
    mvh Eva

    • Äntligen, får jag också skriva. Din kommentar hade hamnat i skräpposten, jag förstår inte varför så det tog ett tag innan jag såg den. Välkommen till min blogg 😀

  3. anna

    Hello I’ve been trying to knit this gorgeous scarf for a week now and am having some difficulty knitting the second part after you pick up the stitches from the lace. Each time I do it and begin knitting and turning i end up with a thick band on which is nothing like your before and after pictures. I really need some help to finish this beautiful scarf for my mums birthday.


    • Ok, I understand that the time is running out, but I am on vaccation and the internet is not with me 😛 I suggest the you join the swedish knitting group on Facebook. A lot of people have made the Pyttipanna, and I’m sure they will help you. Otherwise you have to wait untill Sunday 😀
      The name of the group is, Online Stickcafé and here is a link:

      • anna

        Thank you have asked to join the group. Will try there otherwise I’ll send you another quick message here when you are back. Enjoy your holiday 🙂


  4. anna

    Hello hopefully you had a lovely holiday. Unfortunately the people on the facebook group couldn’t help. Would you still be able to help me with this pattern please.
    Anna 🙂

  5. I like very much your Pittypanna shawl but I dont understand description in English, have you tutorial in Italian or French?
    Thank you very much

  6. Mi piace davvero tanto, ma parli italiano? Che bello!!!! La tua sciarpa è fantastica, vorrei proprio farla. Ti ringrazio, ciao

  7. lily

    I am completely enamored with this pattern! So far I have made 3 this week, and I must stop, but I know I will return to this. It is so lovely and I am hooked.


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